We are GiftedTM

What's holding you back?

Gift Cards don't have to be generic, boring, and impersonal. We're here to change that.

We Make Gift Cards Fun, Easy, and Convenient.

Our mission is simple: Create the best digital gift experience for our users.

We do so by enabling Gift Cards for all brands, expanding the market and offer the widest selection of brands.

We take the pain and costs of brands having to build a Gift Card platform, manage, market and connect with buyers, and replace it with a hassle-free, complete gifting experience. It creates the most intuitive use experience in today's mobile age and enables brands to deliver contactless and fun customer experiences.

With Gifted, you'll receive insights on your audience, how your brand is perceived and used. No, really. We provide turn-key solutions to our sales partners so they can start to sell within minutes.

Founded in Stockholm Sweden, our footprint today spans across 18 European markets and we're growing every year.

At Gifted, we do business in a more enlightened way. We use CO2-neutral hosting, eliminating plastic cards with digital deliveries or FSC-certified paper cards. We follow all the guidelines of Trygg e-handel and Trust E-Commerce Europe so you’re ensured of safety and credibility.  

Join us, as we endeavour to create more delightful experiences for everyone - the brands, the buyers, and the receivers. 

Let's partner-up!

Together with our partners and investors, Gifted has grown with double and triple digits over the last few years - We're so grateful!

To continue this growth, we're continuously looking for new partners to help enhance the gift experience, act as resellers or to evolve the brand catalogue. If that sounds interesting to you, we'd love to have a chat.

We're currently not looking for funding, but we welcome any inquiries to discuss future investments.